What's included & What's not

All Inclusive Hunts:

  • License(s), tax, tax rebate & hunt cost.
  • 5 days of hard hunting, Monday thru Friday arrive Sunday afternoon 1 – 4pm. Hunters will sight in rifles on Sunday afternoon, meet the guides & be provided with an orientation of planned hunting activities for the week.
  • 1x1 hunter to guide ratio.
  • Transportation to & from the field, usually via a combination of truck, ATV & rhino.
  • Lodging in the main lodge.
  • Three hardy home cooked meals each day (sack lunches provided when in the field hunting).
  • Spike camps available.
  • Active bait sites during bear seasons, established bait sites are maintained year round.
  • Field dressing & retrieval of game.
  • Airport pick–up & drop–off (Gander).
  • Meat and cape transportation to the butcher & taxidermist, if requested.
  • Fly proof meat hanging shed on site.
  • Deer Lake airport pick-up/drop off $300.00

    Ruff it hunts:

  • Spike camp accommodations.
  • License(s), tax & hunt cost.
  • 1x1 or 1x2 guide/hunter ratio.
  • Transportation in field (Truck/ATV/Rhino/Snowmobile).
  • Bedding.
  • Face cloths/towels.
  • Meat preparation/capping.
  • Condiments (Butter/ketchup/etc).

    Excluded from all hunts:

  • Hunting equipment, rifles, and ammunition.
  • Meat processing and freezing. We will transport your meat to the local butcher, if required.
  • Average cost for processing a moose is $500 (regular frozen cut with bone in, styro plate and wrap)
  • Butchering with Vacuum packing is available,the cost for this service is $1.25 per lb hanging weight with the hide off and cleaned up. For example 125 per lb quarter will cost $125.00 (Sauage and mince extra)
  • Meat boxes for shipping are $30.00 each. Average moose 5–6 boxes.
  • Meat and antler shipping. Contact Robert Toms @ 709-651-4427 or visit their website @ www.nlbiggameshipping@outlook.com for details on shipping your frozen, processed meat to your geographic area.
  • Gratuities.

    Ruff it hunts:

  • Transportation fee of $25.00 per animal to butcher.
  • Food.
  • Airport pick–up/drop-off fee $50.00 per hunter.