Black Bear Hunting Information & Photos

Trophy black bears visit our bait stations daily. These stations are maintained year round. Trail timers and camera's give us a good idea of their movements.

Seeing 3–5 bears per day on the berry ridges during the fall is not uncommon.

Black Bear – Fall – 2nd week of September to the end of October
Spring – Mid May to the 1st week of July.

Bow hunting only – Two weeks prior to the start of the rifle season. Please call for package availability and specials. References available upon request.

Hunters coming into Canada with firearms must fill out a firearm Declaration Registration Form. The fee for this form is $50.00 CAN and is good for one calendar year. You may visit the website Canadian firearm center or call toll free at 1-800-731-4000 to have the form mailed to you or you can visit Canadian firearm center to print the form.

All hunters must confirm that they can leave and re-enter the USA and hold a passport.It is up to the person to deal with these matters. Allocations can vary from year to year. All hunters must bring a previous big game licence or a hunters safety certificate (copy will do) for proof of ability.

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