Ruff – It Hunts Information

2021/22 Moose offered Only after Nov 1, Spring Black Bear Only, Caribou not offered.

Hunt hard for 5 days (Mon – Fri) with us in remote Central Newfoundland. Join us pre-rut and have a chance at the moose and caribou while they are still in summer routine. The rut provides calling action that you won't soon forget. After the main rut is over, the trophy bulls and massive stags get more active and can be seen more, as they try to regain the body loss they incurred earlier in the fall. Calling action can be still active on the bulls due to some unbred cows. Moose and caribou hunting is a combination of still hunting and spot and stalk. Walking through bedding and feeding areas also provides shot opportunities.

Bears that are going to break 600+ lbs are sure to come out of this area. Method of hunting is out of metal tree stands or high ridges with the bait located in the valleys. Trout fishing is also included during the day.

Hunters are required to assist with field dressing, meat retrieval and camp chores – ex. Cooking/cleaning dishes etc. We take 2 hunters per week per camp.

Accommodations: The camps are comfortable and warm; sleeps 4; wood stove; generator; propane range; bucket drawn water and outdoor toilet.

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